Skincare Makeup Is the Rising Trend Anti-Aging Enthusiasts Will Love

Skincare Makeup Is the Rising Trend Anti-Aging Enthusiasts Will Love

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that you already know: Women are multitaskers. We’re not here to do one thing at a time—we manage to juggle more than a few plates simultaneously and never drop one (okay, well, maybe there’s the occasional slip). The point is, we’ve become masters at getting it all done and that means we need the products in our lives to do just the same.

Whether we’re talking skincare products with a makeup finish or makeup products with a skincare feel, there’s a whole new category of hybrids that are taking the beauty aisles by storm—and for good reason. These multitasking wonders bring the results that you might expect from a number of products, with the bonus of requiring just one purchase. From acne-clearing concealer to fine-line-smoothing foundation, here are a few of our favorite makeup-skincare hybrids that come highly recommended by Southern Living staffers.


A good foundation camouflages skin concerns. A great foundation solves skin issues. Finding a full-coverage formula that doesn’t leave skin feeling suffocated is key. Our picks for skincare-like foundations are lightweight, oil-free, and provide plenty of nourishment throughout the day’s wear. Look for skin-soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile to help reduce skin redness and irritation at the source.  

Try These Editor Favorites:
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