The best make-up products for rosacea and sensitive skin

The best make-up products for rosacea and sensitive skin

An edit of the best make-up products free of ingredients that will trigger flare-ups for rosacea and sensitive skin.

Dealing with rosacea symptoms is difficult at any time of year, but having unpredictable skin can be especially stressful during the festive period. As well as having to mitigate the effects of extreme weather and often increased alcohol consumption, there’s the stress of Christmas and wanting to feel at your best for the celebrations in the weeks leading up to the big day. 

Debbie Thomas, skin expert and founder of D.Thomas Clinic, says: “Rosacea doesn’t just tint cheeks, it weaves a complex network of sensitivity and unpredictability throughout your skin layers.”

So while it might take time to address the root causes of rosacea, make-up can help you feel more comfortable in the short term, and not only are there products available that won’t trigger flare-ups, but many also contain ingredients that will soothe and address skin concerns. 

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This super gentle and lightweight foundation is non-comedogenic, oil- and fragrance-free, uses organically certified ingredients and is non-irritating to sensitive skin. A great choice for even the most delicate skin.



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