This Is the Only Medium-Coverage Foundation That Doesn't Clog My Pores

This Is the Only Medium-Coverage Foundation That Doesn't Clog My Pores

The hunt for the perfect foundation is similar to the mascara hunt that many beauty enthusiasts know all too well. It takes time, research, and money. And unlike mascara, foundation also requires a shade and skin type match. The foundation quest is a hard one, which means when you find a good one, you've got to tell every soul who'll listen just how great it is. So that's exactly what I'm doing.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to try the Oxygenetix Foundation. I'd heard about it long before trying it, thanks to megafan Kourtney Kardashian, who raves about the product. She most recently gushed about it in her Vogue everyday makeup tutorial.

The reason I love it so much? Well, there are many. Keep reading to see my breakdown of formula, shade range, and wear time.

The Oxygenetix Foundation Formula

Originally developed to both conceal and heal the skin after cosmetic surgery and procedures, Oxygenetix's selling point on the foundation is that it allows the skin to "breathe." The formula contains a patented ceravitae complex, which the brand claims promotes healing and allows oxygen to the skin, therefore preventing blemishes. However, what is probably more important when it comes to preventing blemishes is the fact that unlike most foundations that are water-based, the Oxygenetix foundation has a base of aloe barbadensis, which provides antibacterial properties and helps soothe irritated skin like mine.

Currently, the foundation comes in 14 shades with either a blue or yellow base, which in today's industry isn't much. I hope they can up the availability of other shades in the future.

The Oxygenetix Foundation Application

My skin type is dry and sensitive, so my approach to a makeup base is layer, layer, and layer some more. I start with Pixi pHenomenal Gel (£24), followed by Priori Tetra fx251 SPF 45(£75), then at the moment (when I'm a little fake tanned) I mix Oxygenetix foundation shades Cream and Opal (£45) together with the Oxygenetix Oxygenating Hydro-Matrix Moisturiser(£46) (are you exhausted yet?!), applied with the Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush (£16). It gives a dewy finish with medium coverage.

A little goes a long way with the foundation, so a pea size is enough for medium coverage. I got a bit pump happy in the photo above; this amount would cover my entire face and neck with some to spare for building more coverage. On days that I want even more coverage, I'll either skip mixing in moisturiser or I'll go back in and build up the foundation with spot treating. Of course, you don't need this many products for the foundation to give results, I just choose to layer because I find this works for me at the moment.

If you have oilier skin, there is also an acne-control version of the foundation available, which contains salicylic acid to prevent spots and any further irritation.

Side note: my hand looks particularly pale in this photo, but the foundation does match my skin tone — promise!

The Oxygenetix Foundation After Immediate Application

Obviously, I still have pores and my skin isn't completely flawless, but for the most part, I'd say the coverage is pretty damn good. On days that I want a little more coverage on my cheeks (my problem areas), the foundation is buildable, so I dab some straight onto my spots for added concealer.

The Oxygenetix Foundation Wear Time

While I love full-coverage foundation for certain events, one occasion I want a finish that's as natural as possible is on the weekend, particularly if it involves being outdoors.

The combination of moisturiser plus foundation means my skin is very hydrated, which prevents further dryness from the weather and gives a natural finish even while covering all my blemishes and redness. The foundation survived a very rainy and windy walk in the English countryside, which I consider a definite win.

I also wear this foundation to high-intensity boxing classes straight from work (which I know I'm not supposed to, but I do it anyways), and it doesn't budge. And even after an hour of sweating and punching the sh*t out of things, I still don't end up with breakouts.

My Final Thoughts

Although this foundation is expensive, for me it's worth it to know that when I do choose to put more foundation on than normal, I'm not clogging my pores or risking getting any pesky spots. And there are even more pros to this formula: it has SPF 25; it's safe for those with eczema and acne; it's fragrance-, oil-, dye-, and paraben-free; and it can be used after procedures like microdermabrasion (after clearing with a professional, of course). Consider me sold on this foundation.



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