Fox2Now: Best lightweight foundations for spring

Fox2Now: Best lightweight foundations for spring

Which makeup is best for spring break?

It’s almost time for spring break, and when you’re out and about at the beach, you want to look your sun-kissed best. That starts with wearing a foundation that’s suitable for the warmer weather. You want something lightweight that won’t clog your pores. You also want a foundation that lets you show off a radiant beachgoer glow while nourishing your skin so it stays healthy all spring and summer long.

Foundation is seasonal

You don’t wear the same wardrobe all year round. As the temperature rises, your outfits get lighter and more breathable. Similarly, you don’t wear the same colors in spring and summer as you do in the fall and winter. You should make the same choices with your makeup — particularly your foundation.

Things to consider when choosing your spring foundation

  • Does it match your skin? Depending on its exposure to sunlight, your skin may darken. The right foundation should match your current skin tone as closely as possible.  
  • Is it lightweight? Wearing a heavy jacket in the summer would make you miserable. Likewise, you’ll be happier when wearing a lighter-weight foundation in warmer weather.
  • Is it breathable? A breathable foundation doesn’t clog your pores. It allows air to permeate your skin cells to keep them healthy and thriving.
  • Does it moisturize? Moisturizing is one of the best things you can do to help your skin repair itself and stay healthy.
  • Does it nourish your skin? Just like you feed your body, you need to feed your skin to keep it strong and vibrant. A nourishing foundation helps provide your skin with a balanced diet. 
  • Is it appropriate for your skin type? Do you have dry or oily skin? Choose the foundation that best matches your skin type.
  • Does it have soothing qualities? A foundation with aloe may be desirable in the spring and summer when your skin is exposed to more sunlight.


Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This lightweight foundation feels like you’re not even wearing makeup. It goes on sheer but can be built up after it sets to cover blemishes. Oxygenetic’s foundation features a soothing aloe-based gel and helps build collagen and elastin, and it is suitable for all types of skin.




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