Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and Moisturizer for Post-Cosmetic Procedures – Turned Celebrity Favorite

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and Moisturizer for Post-Cosmetic Procedures – Turned Celebrity Favorite

Oxygenetix is a medical breakthrough formula foundation for post-procedures and is the world’s first breathable foundation. It provides long-lasting full coverage while improving the quality and health for all skin types, for numerous skin conditions. Oxygenetix is also recognized by cosmetic experts and makeup artists as the elite option for stars and celebrities to appear their best onscreen.

With Oxygentix, you can resume public activities after a facial procedure with no downtime, and also contribute to the healing of your skin.

Oxygenetix creator Barry Knapp created this breakthrough line as a solution for patients after laser facial procedures. It is absolutely the best makeup for all types of skin because it acts as a second skin. This allows your skin to bring in the vital oxygen that it needs to heal. Consequentially this promotes healing with durable, non-comedogenic, full coverage that not only accents you good looks but also improves the quality and health of all types of skin.

If you or someone you know is planning on having a laser treatment, peel, surgery, or other aesthetic procedure, Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation allows patients to leave their doctor’s offices looking great and able to return to work or normal life, immediately. It is true that there are other topical aftercare formulas that may speed up the recovery process, but Oxygenetix is the only makeup that completely ELIMINATES downtime after a cosmetic adjustment.

Oxygenetix uses “Ceravitae”, which is a super-charged oxygen complex that encourages collagen cell and connective tissue growth in wounded or aging skin, with its inherent properties that comfortably covers and treats a wide variety of skin problems including skin injuries, wounds, cracked skin, rashes, acne scars, dry skin, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Celebrity Makeup Artists now regularly use this fantastic foundation on the famous faces such as Paula Abdul, Brooke Shields, Jeremy Piven, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Nancy O’Dell, and Elizabeth Rohm. Billy Crystal looked great hosting the 2011 Oscar’s with his confidence high thanks to the full coverage with Oxygenetix. This is the official foundation of 3 film studios and 18 T.V. shows including, Glee, The Middle, Mike & Molly and more.

Oxygenetix provides complete and natural coverage to even the most sensitive and compromised skin. When applied over Oxygenating Moisturizer, Oxygenating Foundation acts as a virtual second-skin, allowing it to breathe as necessary for functional human wound healing of the skin. This second skin technology creates a delivery system that allows Ceravitae to speed connective tissue reconstruction, systematically build collagen layers, and reinforce natural skin healing. With continual use, you will notice less downtime, reduced scar tissue, giving you undetectable coverage all day, and ultimately protecting your beautiful skin.

The first truly breathable makeup, Oxygenating Foundation containing Ceravitae Complex is a patent-pending formula proven to increase oxygen uptake, stimulate skin cell production and speed the healing process following most procedures. Oxygenetix works harmoniously with any skin type with its, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, SPF 30 for UVA/UVB skin protection, waterproof (lasting up to 90 mins. in chlorine), oil & fragrance-free and is available at doctor’s offices nationwide.

Everyone can be categorized as Blue Base or Yellow Base, with skin tone and hair color lending clues as to which spectrum they belong to. Yellow based people have peachy or olive skin tones, while blue-based people have pink, rosy or blue undertones to their skin. Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation based its makeup colors on this theory.


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