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Article: Is Your Makeup Clean? Safe & Sanitary Skincare

Is Your Makeup Clean? Safe & Sanitary Skincare
clean makeup

Is Your Makeup Clean? Safe & Sanitary Skincare

In the midst of a global crisis with the current spread of Covid-19, we are seeing ever-increasing sanitation efforts from home to the workplace.

We have become extra cautious about what we choose to bring into our homes, but even before the outbreak began, the demand for safe, non-toxic cosmetics has been on the rise. Socially responsible companies are stepping up to the plate and Oxygenetix is proud to be a part of the movement.

Being the first and only medical makeup formulated safe to use post-procedure, Oxygenetix holds the platinum standard for clean beauty today. 

So what is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is not only sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan & cruelty-free, but clean beauty is also safe to wear and sanitary.

Patient Tested, Doctor-Approved

All of Oxygenetix manufacturing occurs in the United States at the oldest FDA regulated laboratory in the western hemisphere, Colonial Dames. All production transpires under the same roof, thereby ensuring quality control from formulation to shipping. Established in 1886, Colonial Dames has steadily built unrivaled stature as the leader in the scientific development of effective and naturally pure skincare products. 

The Oxygenetix Advisory Board Members are some of the world's most well regarded medical professionals. This global expertise has brought credibility to the efficacy of Oxygenetix products. Oxygenetix has been tried and tested by doctors on some of the most compromised skin you can find. 

Oxygenetix topicals protect the skin while helping provide discretion. Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists use Oxygenetix directly post-op to soothe while providing a breathable barrier. Many others use it every day as a skincare solution.


Oxygenetix topicals are made with an Aloe Barbadensis gel base. This way there is no need for added water, oil, or preservatives that many other leading brands use, exposing you to a plethora of toxins. Without the need for a harmful preservative, Oxygenetix remains irritant-free. 

Oxygenetix chief chemist, Dr. Raymond Schep, explained the importance of having a sterile substance as our base ingredient. Water, even in purified form, can have “trace amounts of pesticides and chlorine which cause all kinds of cancer and so on.” This is one reason why we have chosen Aloe as a base, which is purified from nature.

Antimicrobial & Antioxidant

Aloe Vera Barbadensis, the base of all Oxygenetix topicals, contains powerful antioxidants. These polyphenols act as a defense system for the skin, warding off harmful bacteria as well as being extremely anti-inflammatory.

Airless Pump

Every application is a sanitary application. The airless pump packaging is designed to prevent air from oxidizing the formulation. 

Furthermore, the packaging is translucent giving you a view of how much product you have remaining ridding the need to open up the bottle at all. A 15ml foundation bottle lasts for 2 months on average.

Sterilized Application Tips

Apply your foundation and skincare topicals in a sterile manner with the following tips. 

When applying your Oxygenating Foundation with your fingers, be sure to thoroughly wash your hands first with soap and warm water. The ring finger naturally uses less pressure, making it ideal for makeup application, especially around the sensitive eye area.

Sponges are great for blending foundation evenly on the skin, however, they tend to harbor bacteria. Disposable sponges are recommended as you can discard after each use to avoid spreading bacteria on the skin. For nondisposable sponges, we suggest washing after every use and laying them out to dry in the open air.

For full coverage and minimal product waste, use a makeup brush. Wash your brush every day, especially if you have acne. Spraying 99% alcohol on your brushes every day for maintenance is a great way to keep them clean. Thoroughly wash your makeup brushes at least once a week with a gentle cleanser. Lay brushes to dry angled brush side down to avoid water buildup in the handle.


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